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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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i don't know why he it escalated like that. >> all out brawl, video too graphic to show on tv police are looking for the people who started it after being asked, a simple question. >> keep believing because you never, never know for sure if you will get pulled out of that. >> two survivors of the or land owe terror attack back home in philadelphia with a new outlook on life. fox 29 intern patience carter and her friend tiara parker join us in the studio to talk about moving forward from the a tack. >> a major shake up, donald trump says you are fired to his campaign manager as his poll numbers slip. what the change means for the future of trump's campaign. and taylor swift, paul mccartney and more than one hundred other artists teaming up to challenge you tube, what
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they are asking from congress to help protect their music. all right. it is the end of the world as we know it because this is officially national selfie day. >> yes. >> oh, geese. >> well, this is first year for this. >> yes. >> it really is. >> national selfie day. >> the celebration of the narcism. >> that is what it is. >> yes, um-hmm. >> this is a dumb idea but we will do it anyway. take a picture of yourself. use the #fox 29 bob kelly. >> don't send them all to me. >> there you go. >> that is how you do it. >> that is not a selfie. >> so, let's do this on top of the fact that you should send us yourselfe is what your best selfie technique, how do you make sure you have a great selfie. what is your tip.
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>> you take selfies. >> oh, yeah. >> happy birthday to my husband. >> yeah. i. >> i wanted to call him at 4:00 o'clock this morning. >> you did what? >> i put his baby innings tour on my facebook page. really cute. lets look at our weather for today, we have a number we have chosen, a number of six out of ten. we had storminess but now we have sunshine. in philadelphia it change that he is quickly. we will see lightening on ultimate doppler radar, a lot going away but some of the rain remains around allentown and just south of there. a few place necessary chester county we had quick downpours there we will move over to burlington county and in new jersey and we will see a heavy down important heading toward the parkway. bus stop buddy has the best advice have the rain gear with you, it is humid out there, temperatures mostly in the 07's to start your day at philly international, it is
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not raining, it is 75 degrees with 8-mile an hour breezes out of the west southwest, sunshine and thunderstorms in your forecast for today. the big question is will we get the heat wave and make it to 90 degrees, probably not, but you never know, that is your tuesday planner from the weather authority on the first full day of summer, bob kelly. >> we're also thinking martha and van dellas when you sing that. good morning everybody. 7:03. 422 eastbound seeing delays from royersford through collegeville, the morning rush hour, plus we have got, hit with earlier storms there. there is debris. forty-two, yep, we are seeing sun glare. you can see shadows there, drying up the roads but northbound 42 heavy from the expressway in toward philadelphia the vine street expressway heavy, single lane there working over to 30th street. an accident on the atlantic city connection bridge. this is an area that just saw storms kind of rolling out to sea and then we are also using shuttle buses on both route ten and route 15 septa
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trolley. i just check with the airport before i came over here and sue just showed us no delays at the moment. we are good to go at the moment right now but if you plan to travel later today, this afternoon's rush hour that is a mess, mike and alex, back over to you. let's find these guys. police are trying to find the men behind the attack over at geno's steaks in south philadelphia. they say it all happened after a woman simply asked one of them if she could have a cigarette. >> steve is on the story in south philadelphia, hi there, steve. >> reporter: well, mike, you know well, famous billboard, on top of the geno's. we will show you guys without not even a half brain and after this you will see they are in the even half a man. they first beat up a woman and they did it in public what kind of guy does. that five punks, not counting woman they were with, on the same night, as the orlando shooting. these guys also claim to be with isis. first they beat up a couple of women. the then one of the women's husbands steps in, patrick
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kane, like any good man would do, he is 31. gets pummeled because he cannot fight five guys at once especially since most of the attack comes from behind look at how he looks ten days ago. he looks good. here he is looking more like rack i balboa since we're in south philadelphia, swollen eye almost shut. his wife brooke got hit too. one of her friend had dared to ask for a get. then brooke said hey if you think it is funny, saying you had are with isis, that is not a cool joke. >> when we finish our cheese steaks, we were getting ready to leave. the girls we were with asked can i get a cigarette? the guys response was he flew off the handle. he started yelling at us saying you don't know who we are. we belong to isis. and i remember saying that is not something you joke b he said what makes you think i'm kidding. we're just wanting to leave. we don't know whether they have guns, knives, whatever.
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i got punched in the nose and before i could have reacted i got punched in the back of the head and while i was bent over i got two upper cuts to the eye. i was down on the ground bleeding from my face, and so i don't know what color their car was or how many cars, or where they went. i honestly don't know any of that. >> reporter: well, recognizing this woman is another way to catch the five guys that she was with. she was one of the drivers of the two vehicles. nobody got plate numbers but they did recognize they were both new jersey plates, dark truck and dark suv but that with man is one not wearing a baseball cap. if we show you her picture a viewer may know who she is maybe from the new jersey, pennsauken, camden area. maybe further away but who knows and maybe a viewer tip off police since she is guys claim they are with isis, maybe not, liking america so much they can spend america's birthday the fourth of july lock up in jail if they are
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caught, a week from monday. you will recall four years ago after the winter classic, another bunch of gang up guys on one guy. remember, the off-duty cop and iraq war veteran. the rangers fan. just because he is wearing jersey and coming here to a philadelphia establishment, to get a sandwich after the game, he gets pummeled buy a lot of guys in flyers jerseys not doing flyers fans justice or south philadelphia. but geno's steaks sadly the scene of two bad news making incident and hopefully just like flyers fans were caught in that other attack, these guys will get caught because these guys are clear on the surveillance video. >> they will get them. >> steve, thank you for that. we have breaking news out of kensington. a man is in critical condition after a shooting at b and east cambria street. it happened around 4:00 this morning and shooter is still on the loose. also in kensington a double shooting, that happened on east -- an 18 year-old was shot in the leg. the medics found a 23 year-old
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man shot in the back, at g and allegheny street. witnesses told philadelphia police that the shooter had two guns and was firing them both at the same time. right now police are looking to whether drugs were involved. a woman has turned herself into police for a brutal murder we first told but last week. prosecutors say that they have charged 39 year-old shavon armstrong with murder, kidnapping and other offences. they tortured this poor woman. police say she killed 26 year-old toy charta bryant, and left her body, in fairmount park. that was on june 14th. they have not revealed a possible motive, a couple found bryant's body with stab wound all over her torso, the she had a gunshot wound to the back of her head. 7:08. police want to know who beat a woman to death inside her berwyn home. a relative discover the body of denise barger on friday.
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neighbors say barger lived alone on heather stone drive since her husband died in march. she recently sold the property just days before. officials are still investigating what may have happened there anyone with any information is urged to call the police. well, 7:09. happening today, a bucks county couple answers the allegations of beating their two baby girls. >> ridiculous. parents will face a why on a list of charges including felony child abuse. dave, this is a tough one here. >> reporter: yeah, it is a horrible case. we understand that couple may be in court as early as 9:00 o'clock for a 9:30 hearing here in bucks county. the couple is set to face a judge on felony charges of child abuse. twenty-five year-old melissa shales and her 30 year-old husband, michael, also facing aggravated assault, child welfare endangerment and conspiracy charges involving their twin girls, who were just two months old, at the time. investigators say that one of the children suffered a broken leg, so bad, that doctors said, told police that the
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infant may have died if she didn't get the medical care when she did. cops also say that they found indication of prior fractures on the second baby girl's legs. one had to be hospitalized for an extended period of time. the court documents say melissa shales told police that she quote, did certain things to the babies out of and tore get a reaction from her husband. sources say a cloth was even stuffed inside the mouth of one of the babe toys try to retrieve with flyers. it gets even worse. doctors told police that the children were malnourished as well. again that court hearing is set for 9:30 on felony child abuse charges, mike and alex. >> we will have a camera there. 7:10. thanks, dave. authority are interviewing several of the 12 girls found living with a bucks county man. they are trying to figure out what kind of crimes were committed inside of that house. >> fifty-one year-old lee kaplan is in jail facing multiple child sex abuse charges. investigators say he fathered
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two children with the teenager who was given to him by her parents, since she was 14. that couple, also has been charged. now fox 29 spoke to their son in lancaster county. the young man shared little information but explained that lee kaplan has been a long time friend of the family. >> he is a good father. >> yeah, like i said, he didn't have much to say. son has not had any communication with his parents, since they were arrested last week. neighbors say they owned a repair shop when the business went under. authorities say lee kaplan helped the couple out of financial ruin and in exchange, gave the man their oldest daughter, four years ago, the man gave over his oldest daughter. >> yeah, she was 14 at the time. she's 18 now. >> 7:11. two-year old body killed by an alligator at a disney world resort will be laid to rest this morning. starting a the ten a private funeral will be held for lane graves in his hometown in nebraska. the toddler was in the lake when an alligator grabbed him,
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and dragged him, under the water. in a statement, lane's parents say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, that they have received since their tragic loss. >> ♪ >> all right. 7:12. we have some good news to report, our intern, patience carter, right there on the lefties back, here in philadelphia, her hometown. along with her friend tiara, you see that picture right there both of them were shot during that massacre in orlando. would the man stopped by the station last night for a quick little visit with us and patience talk about how a message from president obama himself is helping her quote with what happened. >> every time i go to write in this book i read what he a said. dream big dreams. every time i go in there i can dream and i can keep writing. >> well, so patience is going to be here in our studio in
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just a little bit. >> tiara will be also here. >> yep. >> they will talk about what life has been like since the attack. >> so if you have a question for them or just want to write them a quick message on twit error facebook that would be great and we will pass it when they get here. >> if you tweet it or facebook it make sure you use the #fox 29 good day so we can seat it and we will make sure they will see it too. >> we will pass ate long. department of justice has released the transcripts from the 911 calls, that omar mateen, made while he was shooting up that nightclub. >> the transcripts had initially all references to islam or isis redacted. after a large outcry when people noticed it, unedited version was later released. fbi says omar mateen called dispatchers, 33 minutes after he fired that first shot. he pledged his allegiance to isis and called himself a solder for the terrorist organization. >> while we are not releasing
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the audio what i can tell you that while the killer made these murderous statements he did so in a chilling, calm, and deliberate matter. >> authorities will not release, as you said there, the 911 calls of the victims from inside of the club. we have posted a complete copy of mateen's 911 transcripts on our web site, if you would like to read them. of course, that is fox meanwhile the senate has voted down four bills on gun control. both democrats and republicans, attacked proposals to keep people on terror watch list from his obtaining firearms and both side offered a plan to strengthen existing background checks for gun purchases, but the vote came in the wake of the orlando shooting and after a 15 hour filibuster last week by connecticut senator chris murphy. >> bunch of cowards. 7:14. british man accused of trying to take a police officer's gun and kill donald trum in las vegas has been
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denied bail. it happened at a rally on saturday at the treasure island casino. michael steven sanford said he had been planning an assassination on trump for about a year and was ready to die in the a tempt. the 20 year-old was charged in a act of violence honorary stricted ground. 7:15. major shake up on the campaign trail. donald trump firing his campaign manager less than a month away from the republican national convention. >> well, that does not bode well, does it, chris murphy. >> trump's numbers are down, lately so here's the deal. donald trump court corry lewandowski that his services nor longer kneader. lewandowski had been by trump's side since his campaign began more than a year ago. the firing comes as latest monmouth university pole shows clinton's lead over trump nationally growing to 7 percent, the decision to fire lewandowski came after a weekly meeting yesterday, campaign source, tells fox 29 news that it came to a showdown between lewandowski and trump's washington campaign chief paul man
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afort. he said he cannot work with lewandowski and would quit in 48 hours if nothing changed. real standoff. so some wand fur this could be a start of the transition to a more traditional campaign. >> i think you get to the point where we got the presidency of the united states on the line. it is not just for someone to win an election for the future of our country and potentially three or four supreme court seats this pivot this seriousness, this you are seeing right now, i think that you look at this ape say this is good. >> so lewandowski understood the move and that he still supports trump. as for trump's likely opponent hillary clinton search for running mates is moving in the more intense phase. shows on the short list include elizabeth warren who but that, two women on the ticket. virginia senator tim kane, and housing secretary julian castro of texas. one name has hat not been mentioned is bernie sanders. >> that will not happen.
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>> unite party. >> that is true. >> she has to get those voters on her side, supporters. >> yes. >> before that though, clinton is expected to wrap up her attack on trum this week with a rally in ohio where, she will question trump's temperament to guide the economy. >> so, new campaign manager, is manafort. >> he was tapped earlier. he is a washington insider for years. >> he is a tough guy. >> he is more of a establishment guy. lewandowski had that run in with the breitbart reporter. >> trump stood by him after he was arrested. >> he did. >> it will be a crazy summer. >> here we come, july with the two convention is july 26th, chris. >> with the dnc. >> and other one in cleveland for g.o.p. >> ladies and gentlemen, the weather stylings of one sue serio. >> i feel like i should have a microphone, hey. we have an easing up of our
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thunderstorm activity. it goes right from raining to sunshine. that is what we have seen here in the city. but looking up to the north and we will see a few areas of rain in montgomery county, in bucks county, as we get started during the day and one thunderstorm that is heading toward mystic island in beach haven right now as we head over to ocean county. is there a few showers in upper darby in, delco, and a just north of media we have one area of heavy rain along the atlantic city expressway around mulika and way mouth. you can run into a heavy downpour and drive right out of it and then we will see sunshine. that the is the kind of morning we have had. we have had thunderstorms moving through, the shore points this morning and then by noon we could see more pop ups. i depend on how much sunshine we will get how warm the temperatures will be. will we make it to 90 and get a heat wave? it is looking less likely, as we look like a nice day tomorrow and as we continue the future cast into thursday, and another cold front, brings some more pop up showers and thunderstorms, during the day
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but the pay off will be, a fantastic friday. so here's your seven day forecast with now we will go to the mid 80's instead of 90's. watching it at 4:00 a.m. we were thinking 90 and then thunderstorms popped up. eighty-seven on wednesday. thursday is your rainy day. by friday, it is just fine, upper 80's for saturday, maybe hitting 90 by sunday, and then if you are heading to the shore real quick, 07's today and tomorrow, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning everybody. 7:19 on this tuesday morning. we have a live look, jammo on 202, as you roll out of the west chester up through the bypass and in toward the construction zone, but sue is right, that quick, the rain moved out and then bam, put down that umbrella and grab your shade but don't leave the umbrella too far behind. you will need it again on the evening rush hour. but we will talk about that later on. northbound, 202, backed up, sun splashed i-95, no problems, except just volume from academy down through girard. ninety-five and delco drying
7:20 am
out, they have had early morning heavy rain but here comes the sun trying to dry out that stretch in delaware county. if you are using the admiral wilson boulevard or airport circle over in new jersey, crew is a long 38, 130, and 70, pse&g crews went through here the other day, only one lane through that airport circle. if you are watching us down the shore you're getting drenched from all of the thunder boom their rolled out but had quickly an accident, popped up here on the the atlantic city connection bridge. and then septa using shuttle buses on both ten and 15, of course, running with a new schedule, otherwise, no problems on mass transit and no problems at the airport. alex, back over to you. 7:20. more than 150 artists team autopsy begins you tube. speaking of music, it is coming to philadelphia in a big way at the even of the summer, we have your 2016 made in america line up. are you ready for this? it is national selfie day. so send us yourself ease.
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use fox 29 good day and we will show them throughout the morning. we want to know, your old technique, i'm asking people to send in their technique, and kenya says, since i'm never alone here's ourselfe. frankford and cottman ana was so excited with a selfie with alex. that is a good one. t cc1 t cc1
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you know what alex. >> yes, mike. >> beautiful women sometimes think the same, yes. >> beautiful smart women sometimes think alike. >> i haven't noticed that. >> they even start to dress alike like you and lauren simoneti. >> hello, lauren. >> we are wearing the same, pretty much the same camp as alex, appreciate that. >> it is an honor to be in the same category as you, honey, always flawless. >> it is an honor to be in the same blouse.
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>> on tuesday we wear pink. >> so, i necessity you cannot see us but you have the exact same outfit on today. so we have your tap taylor swift, paul mccartney and more than 150 other artists. they are going to congress for help for what. >> you tube, all of these famous artists, 160 of them signing a petition that they are putting in major publications in washington d.c. area, asking congress to reform a law, back in 1998, so this is preyou tube, remember things preyou tube, we actually listened to music the old fashion way. so to firm up that law that regulated distribution of the copy righted work on the internet. so they don't like the fact that you can pull so many of their songs from you tube and they want the law to change to reflect the changing nature of the music industry, back in 1998. >> but they have put their music videos on these sites. >> and you tube respond, they say look, most of the contend
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on our site, we have licensing deals in place for. yet these artists and some record labels as well, they just want to better protect to make sure the artist is better paid. >> there are ways you can down load you tube videos. >> whatever happened to the dude that created napster. >> it is coming back. >> what about different fors. >> lime wire good that goes way back. >> yeah. >> i remember that. >> simoneti, i follow you on instagram. >> yes. >> she is a good follow. >> i love the baby picks. >> a lot of baby picks. >> in the a big selfie person. this is national selfie day. >> it is. >> i will definitely take a selfie and post it right now. >> do it and we will put it up on our air. >> okay. >> see you tomorrow. >> see you later.
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>> i just took a picture of the camera. >> you have to flip it. >> yes. >> selfies can be dangerous for are skin, there is a new warning from dermatologists about the potential harm caused by selfies, i know it is a weird story, we have it for you. patience carter and tiara parker their story of survival, they are coming to join us in the studio to talk about life after the orlando terror attacks. >> that should be 20 minutes away, watch for that.
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come up at 7:30 month. man turned herself into police for a brutal murder. the body was found in fairmount park. we have been following this. >> this is after toy bryant's body was found at georges hill drive-in fairmount park. you have an update here from the round house. >> reporter: no update at all. we know what police put out publicly last night. this woman turned herself in on friday. that was shocker for everybody following this story. it was a woman suspect and not a guy. initially they were wondering this kind of sex assault this victim was found with a gag in her mouth and her hand handcuffed, stabbed in the front and shot in the back of the head. our man tom beck, fox 29 photographer hoist more of a reporter then photographer just talked to richard ross
7:31 am
who says nothing new to report but they don't know where this victim was actually murdered. almost immediately you will remember homicide detectives on the scene near man center in fairmount park put out publicly they did not think that she was murdered there but more like dumped there commissioner ross just told tom beck, that they have to figure out where she was murdered first and it sound liken though this woman turned herself in on friday she may have talk to a lawyer first who told her don't say anything this woman is from wilkes barre near scranton, and maybe murder up there investigation certainly going there, through chester county, in addition to the fairmount park thing. that is latest. police will update story later today. >> just horrible. she was tortured, with stab wound before she was then killed with the shotgun. >> very terrible story. 7:31. a man is in critical condition after a shooting at b and east cambria streets. it happened around 4:00 this
7:32 am
morning. the shooter is still on the loose. in kensington a double shooting happened on east madison street, police say a 18 year-old was shot in the leg, and then 20 minutes later, they found a 23 year-old man with a gunshot wound. also this is right around g and allegheny streets. witnesses told police that the shooter had two guns, one in each hand, firing away. 7:52. police are trying to find the men behind a violent attack at geno's steaks. they gave us these surveillance photos of the men responsible for assaulting patrick kane his wife and two friends. parts of the video are too graphic to show here on tv. kane says in the early morning hours of july 11th the men shoved his female friend after she asked for a cigarette. that is all she wanted. he says that someone smacked his wife and attacked them and police say suspect fled in dark colored pickup truck and a suv with a female getaway driver. well, fiat chrysler, our
7:33 am
company is in the spotlight following the death of a, star truck movie actor anton yelchin. the 27 year-old was killed when his 2015 jeep grand cherokee rolled down his driveway, he was standing behind it, pinning him behind a brick pillar and security fence and killed him. the car was recalled earlier this year, after drivers complained that they could not quite figure out if the car was in drive, in neutral and park. it is hard to figure out. they have recalled the vehicle. in a statement, fiat offered sympathies for his loved ones, but says it ties soon to speculate on the cause of the accident. was it related to the transmission problems that they have had. we will see, we will follow it, 7:33. here's sue. >> we are looking at radar and pop up showers and thunderstorms that we have been seeing and they are gone as quickly as they appear in some cases.
7:34 am
we will zoom into a couple of areas this morning including this portion of atlantic and ocean counties near the shore, and some thunder and lightening there, and we do have, a few little showers around the philadelphia area across the river around mount laurel, going back to the shore though, if you are in atlantic city you are about to get another heavy downpour. the second one of the morning. bus stop buddy has best advice today on the second to last day of the school for many kids, bring the umbrella, bring the rain gear, temperatures in the muggy 70's in philadelphia at the airport it is 75 degrees and we will hit to the mid 80's at least. some may make it to 90. we have a chance of getting our second heat wave of the season. it just depend on the thunderstorms. they have been around all morning long, bob kelly. >> hit and miss. we have sunshine on the admiral wilson boulevard but a few miles away in cherry hill we will get hit with the thunder boomer. here at route one where we had earlier thunderstorms it is drying out with the sunshine sparking off the rooftops here
7:35 am
of route one as you roll down toward the turnpike. here's a live look at downtown philadelphia, hard to believe sunshine on the philadelphia side and on the new jersey side we're getting rain there in cherry hill. this is i-95 in delaware count that i saw early morning storms trying to dry out and the sun trying to pop out here so it certainly is hit and miss. if you are heading over through cherry hill in addition to that shower that is rolling through we have that construction on the admiral wilson boulevard, possible weather delays today. check with the airline. even though it is sunny when you walk out the front door those storms have been moving up to the new york area. as we see delays in new york we will certainly that have domino effect here in philadelphia mike and alex, back over to you. thanks very much. a vaccine for zika virus is in the works. that is good news. doctor mike joins us to tell us how you close we are to getting that vaccine. t cc1 t cc1
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>> this one says it is nice but it will rain. >> and dave says whenever i'm board i take a selfie. >> thanks. >> and, stacy says #selfie day. >> peace. >> jeff says selfie day. everybody is taking selfies. >> yes. >> emma says fox 29 good day selfie day. should we join in then. >> hold on. >> will you lean in. >> can you look happy doing a selfie. >> okay. i like to take myselfe on snap chat and down load them. >> beautiful. >> you have a selfie go to, do you have rules. >> i have rules. >> yes. i will share them with you in a little bit. i'm still learning, so share yourselfe techniques and i will reveal mine. >> not like a kim kardashian. >> we asked lauren to take a selfie live on television and that is what it looked like when she posted it on twitter.
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>> look at that, we are all wearing the same shirt. >> let me quote this singer, zero to 60 in 3.5, shut up and drive. >> how about work, work, work, work. >> i wrote that for rihanna. >> did you. >> work, work, work. >> it took time. >> one word. >> eloquent word. >> she will be here september 3rd or the fourth. will she be here third or fourth. >> she will be here on the fourth. either way it will be last performance of the night. >> are you talking about made in america. >> i'm talking about rehand, yes, head lining budweiser man i had in america festival. they have announced the line up. cold play will be there too. we will have two chains, lil wayne, jamie exhibition, it is a two day festival. thousands of people come. get your ticket. tickets retail start on wednesday. if you want to see a full list, i have it on my instagram page and twitter.
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>> also go to fox >> whichever you prefer. >> a dream come true. >> believe it or not, nutritionist say you can have a banana split for breakfast. >> is that okay. >> it is more than okay. >> okay.
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7:44, live look, hello downingtown. the 30 bypass, starting to see a little sun glare popping up over the tree line here as you work your way in toward king of prussia, this is all timing, location depending upon where you begin and end your trip things will be overcast, down the shore, sun coming your way though, those earlier storms out of here but sue will be up next to tell us when the next round will come through and i have a sense it will impact our dinner time evening rush hour, plans. live look here at the vine street expressway, sipping will will file jammed up working your way over towards 30th street station there. here comes the sun on 95 in delaware county. we have wet roads and sun glare, south on the northeast extension an accident right at the allentown interchange, i just checked with the airport no delays at the moment at philadelphia international but if you are planning to either
7:45 am
travel today, maybe drop someone off, pick up, these storms moving through can easily impact other airports and that will have a domino effect here in philadelphia we are seeing delays through this airport circle area where pse&g crews have been working at admiral wilson, route 70, 38 and northbound 130 is pushed off at cuthbert boulevard pushing everybody in cherry hill. earlier accident down the shore, the atlantic city connection bridge still causing some delays, mass transit looking good, what is the timing for that next round of thunder boomer, sue has the answer in 15 seconds. plenty of action, not as much as earlier with you we
7:46 am
still see storms popping up, right around harrisburg, one of them there a couple minutes ago. there is a little bit of rain moving through, bucks county this morning, just out of new britain. look at this thunderstorm about to hit margate city this morning. might have some hail associated with it. and some high wind as well. we have been seeing these fast, furious storms moving through like that. there you can see ocean city with the heavy downpour, margate, atlantic city, absecon, brigantine, getting a lot of rain. these are moving through fast and furious but when they end, sunshine immediately comes out so we have got to 91 yesterday. we were at 91 sunday. question is will we make it to 90 today f we do we will have our second heat wave of this season but it is looking less likely because of those thunderstorms. we will have 85, maybe 90 in spots. eighty-seven tomorrow.
7:47 am
eighty-six on thursday with another round of showers and thunderstorms with another cold front. a fine friday with low humidity and 84 degrees. heat is back on over weekend. we will be in the 90's by sunday and monday. shore temperatures in the 07's today and tomorrow but heating up in the 80's thursday and friday with the land breeze and back to the 70's for the weekend. that is your seven day forecast. a lot of action. >> sue serio. >> yes. >> you mentioned a couple days ago or yesterday, that we were going to have a strawberry moon last night and we did. >> there it is. >> that is a strawberry moon. >> as i understand it the tribe would call it a strawberry moon because would it happen in june. thanks for sending it in on fresco. >> somebody got paid. >> somebody got paid 50 bucks. >> it is rare, sure. >> where did it go, but they would say, well, now we have a
7:48 am
strawberry moon in june and it means it is time the fruits have ripe end and time to pick strawberries. >> start of the strawberry season. >> it will not happen for another 07 years that is why it is so special. >> that it happens on the summer solstice day. >> which was yesterday at 6:34. >> and for some reason strawberry bubble gum was stuck in my head all day yesterday, justin timberlake sons, my lip is all strawberry, if you are a true justin timberlake fan. kit cap kline didn't know that song. >> the justin timberlake song. >> tweet me if you know what i'm talking about. >> what is it about. >> i don't think that far. >> it is thinking about strawberry moon. >> yes. >> he knew it was coming. >> he is a tool. >> no, i like justin. >> he is added to the tool
7:49 am
list? >> i like justin i just didn't know what to say. >> when you are out of word you just say tool. >> i will tool my way over to quakertown on friday. >> someone just asked where will you in quakertown? we will be on broad street and all the way between starting at second and through fourth street. >> we are taking over the town. >> show up, we will there been from 7:00 to 10:00. get out there in quakertown. >> show up and she out. >> that is what i say. >> that is what the kids say these taste. >> am i a kid now. >> we are also giving away a car. >> i'm tired of talking about it. >> i can never get tired of talking about mazda cx9, combo on our fox 29 page and click on the enter to win here button and then put your information in, once every 24 hours. we have said this a lot. we want to make sure you get a chance to win this car. >> beautiful. >> if you come you get to see it. you don't want to get a new car without trying it out, feeling on it and smelling
7:50 am
that new car smell. join us and come out on friday over next couple of weeks and we can see what you can possibly get. why are you laughing. have you bought a car without testing it out. >> i haven't purchased a car since 1999. >> that nice feel. >> that is right. >> feel on it and smell it. >> nobody will want to drive it if you keep feeling on it and smelling it. >> i keep telling you, mike, step away from the car. >> you will get in it and win it and it will smell like alex. >> you are one in it. >> feeling it and smelling it. >> schoolteachers don't always get recognition they deserve. we should prop them out, taught them every day. >> quincy harris is helping to honor a woman who goes above and beyond to make sure her students have exactly what they need to succeed. >> is this a surprise at mitchell elementary school until southwest. >> yes, it is. betty graham has been here for 30 years. she taught kindergarten for 30
7:51 am
years. she raised this entire community. she doesn't know but her whole staff, her husband, how are you doing sir. >> i'm fine. >> right now she's in the limo. we will surprise her as she pulls up. >> she has been here for 30 years. >> that is correct. >> you love your wife. >> tremendously. she had been dedicated to this job. they love her. >> you are proud of her. >> i am this is her daughter. >> yes, hi. >> you have balloons for 30 years of your mom being here at that school. talk about her dedication. >> i love her. i'm also a teacher because of my mom. she's the best mom anyone could have. very proud of her. >> you right here is what your name. >> a lie a. >> she is graduate to go day. she's super excited. >> you had miss graham, correct. >> yes. >> what kind of teacher was she to you. >> she was one of my favorite teacher, she is my favorite teacher. she is trying to make sure we
7:52 am
reach our full potential, really cool person. >> nice. >> we have more here. we have a plaque. >> this is a plaque from all of the staff just appreciating betty graham for her hard work. she has been amen for and inspiration just to continue to be a top notch educator. >> only thing we are missing is betty graham. she's in a limousine right now, she's coming down. we are at 56th and kingsessing. the is she coming right now. >> any minute. >> any minute. >> we need it to be in like any second. that is what we need. but she will becoming here. i heard she loves fox 29. this will be a pleasant surprise. >> it would be and i appreciate you guys coming out. >> yeah. >> no problem. >> this is what we call live television. >> so she is in a limousine right now. >> she's in the limousine right now and i believe she's
7:53 am
behind the slowest car you can ever be behind. the carries moving like this. we are waiting, and betty is like this. she doesn't know what is going on. >> look undot street. >> have you seen betty, have you seen betty. >> he has in the seen them. >> okay. >> i have been doing this show for a long time and this is just typical. i can guarantee you because we have decided to take a commercial break. >> don't say it. >> i guarantee you. >> you put it out there it will happen, mike. >> don't say it. >> she will pull up touring the break and we will miss the whole stinking thing let's they to break. >> please don't come. >> hang around for two minutes, watch the commercials, buy the products
7:54 am
whatever you need to do. t cc1 t cc1
7:55 am
whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
7:56 am
7:57 am
long and wining road leads to this mitchell elementary school, it is a very loved schoolteacher is waiting to be, well, dropped off in a limousine at the school and be surprised by everybody. could it be a suv? >> no. >> we will check back, and make sure we don't miss this. >> when she shows, we will punch it up, don't miss that. >> maybe she decided, why don't i go on vacation. >> she is probably halfway to atlantic city. >> yes. >> let's squeeze in doctor mike here. we have been asking about this for a couple months. this zika virus everybody so concerned about it but we need
7:58 am
a vaccine as fast as possible. how fast can you put a vaccine together. >> about 18 months. >> it takes time. you have to make sure it is safe. that is what they are doing in plymouth meeting, right around us. they are coming up with a zika virus vaccine. now what you do when you develop something like this you have to test it, make sure it is safe and get it on people and see fit works and then bingo ready to go. >> this is happening in plymouth meeting. >> they are doing it on humans. >> they are in phase one trials right now. >> how many are there. >> there is a couple of phases and in eight months from now, hopefully or soon are we will be ready to go. >> let us know about that. >> boy we're leading the charge in this part of the country in the zika virus. >> we have tons of good medical schools here and scientific endeavors. >> taking a selfie is bad for your skin. >> is it though? people say selfies.
7:59 am
>> why is that bad for your skin. >> let me tell you this, forget about it, you hear me. what is this, okay. only thing i'm worried about is touching somebody elses cell phone. that is what i'm worried about. to be fair these things actually emit radio frequency energy. >> yes. >> it is not uva or uvb, it is not x-rays, nothing like that. so i suppose, if you take a selfie like this all day long you can have a little bit of radio frequency energy. forget about it. do yourself ease, just make sure it is clean. make sure you are not getting hit by a truck if you are taking a selfie that is the bottom line. >> yes. >> don't do it while walking. >> i see it all the time. people slamming into you. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> thank you. so teacher is still not there. i will tell you this, it is
8:00 am
tuesday, june 21st, 2016. okay, let's see. no, no. >> let see if we can go this opening here will last one minute. >> okay, telling you what the stories are coming up in this hour. >> okay. let's roll the tape, see new 60 seconds. a vicious attack so brutal, police will not release the footage so we cannot show it to you. >> watching the news and before i could react i got punch in the back of the head. >> frightening claim that these menorah before the fists started flying. >> that is not something you joke about. what makes you think i'm kidding. >> life after orlando. >> keep believing because you will never know, you never know for sure if you you will get called back. >> patience carter and tiara
8:01 am
parker are on the mission to inspire. message they want to you hear. more than what it seems, a toddler, balances on a toilet seat but it is not a joke. the disturbing reason that made her mom, burst into tears. you can actually freeze and squeeze your way to better health. how cold temperatures and compression can treat your aches and pains. >> and a banana split for breakfast. >> sign me up. >> why not. >> how you you can eat dessert first thing in the morning and still be healthy. did you see that? i was name. the teacher is here. punch it. what? >> is that the president of the united states. >> what is that? >> that is a special limo. >> yes. >> all you need is a flag on it. >> that last lake barack
8:02 am
obama's car. >> have you been in the car. >> it is a cadillac. >> i have touched the president's limo. >> yes. >> as a correspondent. >> at that point security jumped in. >> well, yes, they freaked. >> correspondence dinner. >> yes, as a matter of fact. >> here we go, big moment we have all waited for. >> do we need music. >> hail to the teacher. >> everybody is moving slowly today. >> you slow down in the summertime. >> come on. >> there she is. >> there she is. >> okay. she didn't know this was coming. >> miss graham are you are you doing. >> yes. >> fine, thank you? this is your last day. >> thirty years at mitchell. >> yes. >> tell us all of the memories you have had. >> i have had so many memories. i don't know where to start.
8:03 am
i went to pick up my little girl and she's here, allie. >> your daughter says she's a teacher because of you. >> yes, she is. she's a good teacher also. >> what are you going to do after retirement. >> i don't know we did a lot of traveling. i guess i'm just not going to have to get up and go to work. that is a deal there. i miss my lovely principal who is right over there and my staff. y'all are just too much. >> i don't want to start crying because i will cry in a minute. >> we want to thank your limo driver, he was the slowest limo driver ever. >> no, i had him pick up one of my baby over there that is graduating. we wanted to surprise her. >> now the surprise is on you. >> yes. >> i don't believe it. >> what do you have to say to any students out there that want to be teachers. >> to just hang in there
8:04 am
because you know what, they used to tease me and say you will be here when mitchell falls down sitting on some bricks. i guess it is almost to that point. hang in there. it is worth it. when you see little ones you taught it is worth every minute to see the growth and development in those children. when they are coming back to see you at the age, because some of them are my age but when they are coming back and teaching in touch with you that is a miracle in itself. if you don't love what you are doing you shouldn't be in this field. >> we will walk miss graham into the school. >> miss graham. >> that is beautiful. >> amazing, 30 years. >> all of the people out there, lots of hugs for sure. >> mitchell elementary school. >> can you imagine, the ted case, 30 years, at one school.
8:05 am
>> 8:05. a woman has turn herself in for a brutal murder that we first told but last week. prosecutors charged 39 year-old shavon armstrong of wilkes barre with murder, kidnapping and other offenses. she killed 26 year-old toy charta bryant, and left her body in georges hill drive-in fairmount park on june 14th. they have revealed a possible motive. couple found bryant's bod which stab wound and gun shot to the head. police are trying to find a man behind a violent attack at geno's steaks. they gave fox 29 these surveillance photos of the men responsible for assaulting patrick kane his wife and two friends. parts of the video are too graphic to show on television. kane says in the early morning hours of july 11th and shoved his female friend after she asked one for a cigarette. patrick said someone smacked his wife and attacked him. another man who tried to stop it. police say suspects fled in the dark colored pickup truck and a suv, with a female
8:06 am
getaway driver. okay. it was the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, 29 people killed, 53 others injured at that pulse nightclub, in orlando florida, since that time we have heard stories of heroism and survival from people, including tiara parker and our very own, patience carter. >> i never thought, in a million years this would happen. >> it was supposed to be fun night of dancing not orlando florida. patience carter, her best friend tiara parker and tiara's cousin akyra murray were celebrating akyra's recent graduation from west catholic high school. they ended up at pulse nightclub, after a google search for a popular club came up. it was just past midnight when akyra's parents drop them off two. hours later it turned into a nightmare. >> i didn't think they before real gunshots but the fear of
8:07 am
it, fear inside mimi drop to the floor everyone. everybody was rushing to the bathroom stall. gunshots were going off rapidly. >> patience, tiara and akyra spent the next three hours in a bathroom stall and at one point coming face-to-face with the gunman. >> i seen him peak under the stall and look me in my face. i thought my life was over. >> as you all know by now, 18 year-old akyra, she did not survive. >> this is real. she was not moving. >> it is so great to see you
8:08 am
both. >> welcome back to philadelphia. >> welcome back here. >> welcome back tour fox family. >> we have met a couple of times. >> yes. >> so, we just did a little little bit of that piece about your friend, your cousin. >> yes. >> i never got to meet her. so tell me a little bit more about her. she seemed pretty special. >> akyra, she was a mess. she got whatever she wanted. she could get anything out of you. but akyra was very smart, very intelligent. she accomplish more than most could accomplish through your high school career in less than four years.
8:09 am
>> third in her class, basketball star. >> yes, i believe she could of taken out some of the other players. >> i'm pretty sure. >> she would be like i will do this but she would actually do it. there is no doubt that she wouldn't have been there. my cousin was a very beautiful person, not just physically but that inner person, she was just beautiful. my cousin had such a personality. she would always be happy. you could not tell me anything otherwise about her. i was always with her. she was my little sister. i will take that every where. eyed to do her hair at 3:00 in the morning, her make up, and she used to tire me out but i would still do it. >> she will be with you for the rest of your life. >> she will always be here. >> how are you feeling good i'm already.
8:10 am
i'm bouncing back. i'm taking it easy and i hurt sometimes but because of where i was shot in my stomach, it went past a lot of vital organs by the grace of god. they just bounced around and messed some stuff in there. stomach has a the most important parts of the body and where i was shot, shot through the side and it went through all tissue and not. >> didn't hit a oregon. >> no. >> when i seen the x-rays and i seen where my organs were, they were that close. >> real tiny and it was just like that. >> you know, patience, i'm from kansas. your shoes remind me of dorothy here. what in the heck are these. >> they gave them to me. i wanted to wear them all the
8:11 am
time especially leaving orlando because there is no place like home. >> how does it feel to be back home in philly. >> it feels good. >> yes. >> a lot of people here in philadelphia and area and our viewers hearing you speak they have been spending you love. i hope you can feel that love. now that they have surrounded you now thaw are back. >> absolutely, definitely. i have co-workers come and they were there for quite a few hours and they are hilarious. you know, they came over the other day and there is some video, and they brought me shirts. >> yes. >> i am a shirt fanatic. i was eating shrimp for breakfast. >> get her some shrimp.
8:12 am
>> so patience, how are you feeling, how is that leg going. >> it is feeling up well. >> metal rod if my femur. >> they put a metal rod in there and hopefully patch everything up. so four to six months. >> when i talk to you on the phone you are learning to walk on crutches, how is that going. >> i'm moving with the crutches now. i'm still comfortable with my walker. i can move faster then that. but i'm make ago lieutenant of progress. >> yes. >> you got to meet the president. >> yeah, he was cool. definitely really cool. i have one shoe on and one shoe off because my foot was swollen. we are not going to focus on that part. >> so he sign your book too. >> yes good is that your journal you write in every day. >> i have been writing it every day since i have been discharged. he wrote on it dream big dreams. so every time i write in there i read that.
8:13 am
>> every day you look at that and see that. >> yes. >> what did you say to the president. >> well, it was like somebody said to me. i was at peace. i wanted to meet him. i thought would i catch him on the beach somewhere. but, you know, to meet him in person and to get up and hug him, he told me to sit down. he was like, the command inner chief. i tried to do his voice but it doesn't work out. and to meet joe as well. >> joe biden. >> yes. >> they are an amazing team. >> hey, barack. >> they are old friend. >> so patience, of all of the people that were affect by this over a hundred people you kind of became the face of the survivors with that powe em. >> i think i wrote that poem
8:14 am
and when i opened myself up to the world i hope that would be the response that people were going to take all of the pain and see that i opened myself up. >> when you say opening yourself up i think a lot have people, of course, we can't imagine what you guys have been through, what keeps you guys strong. we think you are both brave, brave women, what keeps you wanting to share your story and let people know about the pain you have been through. >> really stories of like the victims families who lost somebody and when they see us, it is like keep going. please, just keep inspiring other people. people actually died from this situation. they are never coming back. so the strength that those families see in us they want to continue to share that with other people and that is where you are going because it is a lot of haters out there and just seeing your faces of families that are really just proud to see us, it is inspiring. >> when you say haters, what did i say in terms of the
8:15 am
haters. >> you can't let the haters, get in the way, dose let them silence your voice, because that is what they want. you don't want them to win. >> no one can silence me i talk too much. >> which is great. >> one of the most odd things that come out of this whole situation is people accusing the two of you of fake in some way. that is not fake. >> it came from, i can understand why people would think this was something, it was so many inconsistencies in the stories coming out in the media, it is not our fault. media fault for putting out all these inconsistencecies. it is hard to believe they would come after the victims, but they are asking us questions they need to be asking the police or president of the united states or gun manufacturers. we don't have those answers. we are trying to heel our
8:16 am
wound. you are coming at us like we're the criminals you are anything but. you are heroes. you are inspirational. >> you are brave. >> wow. >> but, patience this is what i need to you do. you are an intern here still. >> could you come back to work. >> mike. >> i mean seriously. >> come on. >> i will be back soon. >> i just want to hug you. >> lets do a big group hug. >> good to see you can i get the tiehl memo. >> to you want to be an intern too. >> sure. >> come in here and help us out because we need help. we can't do this on our own. >> cool. so good to see you if you need anything we're
8:17 am
here for you both. we really admire you guys. >> thank you. if you're using this toothpaste, you're probably expecting to get visibly whiter teeth, but it only removes surface stains, and clinical tests show that it only provides about a half-shade of whitening. new colgate optic white high impact white is different. it contains hydrogen peroxide, ha profesonally recommended nt. whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste.
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8:19 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:20 am
that takes me back to the 80's. >> sure does. >> yes, do you want to go vintage? prince's around the world in a day is being sold on vinyl, warner brothers plans to release one or two prince albums every month in the order that they were recorded, so, the biggest albums on vinyl and in the works already before he died. they want to keep that going. over the last 24 to 48 hours this weird, cheerios challenge has been hitting the country by storm. >> how one father's decision to not wake his son has now taken over the internet. >> cheerios challenge how many could you stack on my nose, alex. >> we will find out. >> but first forget red or white what about blue wine? what it tastes like and where do you to go to get it. >> blueberry wine it still looks red.
8:21 am
>> look the at that it is so blue. >> blue wine. xt1 underline xt1 underline
8:22 am
flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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8:24 am
well, when it comes to wine is there a few choices. red or white. >> okay. >> but not for long, soon blue wine will be a third option, the spanish company gik, gik, i don't know how would you say that gik. >> yeah, gik. >> yes. >> okay. all right. >> they have made a new wine made up of grape skin pig mint ain't plan dye. >> wine is only available in spain but will be making it to the u.s. soon. >> i think that is need. >> spanish vowels. yeah. >> i would have tried it. i had blueberry wine in south carolina so good. >> it is red. >> blue before you wine is red. >> dark red. >> put a lime in it, would it turp into a blueberry sangria.
8:25 am
>> it can make a difference. >> yes. >> i would like that. >> i know you would. >> all right. >> there are some good news for chocolate lovers. >> chocolate goes well with wine. >> temple university found a way to cut down amount of fat the in chocolate that involves turning liquid chocolate through an electric feel. experts say it makes it easier to reduce the amount of fat by 20 percent. even better the process does not seem to affect the taste. >> well, ground breaking research there at temple university on north broad street. >> love it we can eat more chocolate and not get blown up and get bloated. >> i like a little bit of chocolate on a banana split. >> you like a lot of chocolate. >> yeah. >> food too. >> banana split, a banana split the for breakfast? how you can eat dessert first thing in the morning and still be healthy, thinks a new kind of banana split.
8:26 am
national selfie day, we want to see your best one. people are send nothing great selfies. this is from zeey and number one me with jordan, selfie day, love it. >> so cute. >> pride and joy always taking selfies, using that #, fox >> so cute.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
it is playing with disney princesses bad for your children? the warning researchers have for parents this morning and now you that is a shocker. and, rihanna and cold play will take the stage in philly. who else you can expect to see at made in america festival. >> sue serio will be performing on stage. >> right now. >> tracking radar live, and that will draw a crowd, won't it. we have a thunder storm moving
8:30 am
into lancaster county now and one that just left the jersey shore. we will look down towards cape may and we will see another one. it is either a storm or downpour popping up or you have bright sunshine. there is rain that just left the atlantic city margate area humid with thunderstorms around, right now, buddy has temperatures in the 70's and umbrella and sunglasses because it is either orr both. we're already at 77 degrees. we are thinking mid 80's but there is a chance we reach 90 degrees and if we do we will much our second evil wave of the season. the first full day of summer so our sunset time is 8:33 bob kelly. >> you got it. good morning everybody. 8:30 a.m. we will take a live look at i-95. an accident southbound at cottman avenue construction zone. taking out the left lane right there, triple a, penndot, just pulled up to the scene. so fuzz you have leaving northeast philadelphia heading in to cottman stay to the
8:31 am
right. weather delays now popping up, laguardia had a problem, so watch out for delays coming out of new york. that will have domino effect here in philadelphia not only today but as sue mentioned the round number two coming our way for that evening rush hour. we will look live at roosevelt boulevard, delays heading in to the schuykill, coming in from new jersey, sun glare on the freeway. is there your travel times southbound i-95 extra heavy because of the crash and 26 minute trip inbound on the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back to you. >> i got hood winged,. >> why do you say that. >> because all morning long you can eat a banana split for breakfast and it would be healthy. this is a travesty, roberta. >> no, it is not. >> she's a blogger and a food expert and a chef. >> yes. >> it is ice cream it is yogurt. >> greek yogurt.
8:32 am
>> but you will still have toppings, chocolate chips, hot fudge. >> okay. >> you can still have hot fudge in there. >> because breakfast can get boring all the time same thing. >> you got your banana. >> yogurt. >> yes, walnuts, strawberries and hot fudge. >> that looks like a cool breakfast. >> kids now too. >> yes. >> there you go. >> temple university making, less calorie check late. >> yes. >> okay, next. >> it is melting a little bit but you put blueberries in there, put it in the blender. the process it. it comes out like a little frozen for you. >> that is dragon fruit. >> it looks like this. >> right. >> yes. >> now, they come in four different colors. they come in white, yellow,
8:33 am
dark pink, and purple, okay. >> yes. >> when you buy one you will never know what color you are getting unless you look at the scales, like these things. >> what do you mean. >> which one is this one, it is white. >> the white. >> yes. >> they are all pink. >> the flesh is white or different colors. >> let me see if i got that right. it is not outside that is different colors, it is different. >> the flesh. >> you won't know until you cut it open. >> but you can know if you look at these things, these things right here. >> some of them are really tight and they are usually the pink. >> there you go, mike. >> like these things. >> it is the flower of the cactus plant. >> i want to try it. >> try this one. >> i'm not trying this one.
8:34 am
>> it is like a pair. >> it is kind of bland. >> it taste like a pair to me just not as sweet. >> you cannot even taste the seeds. >> no. >> it goodies for you. >> you will be dragging later. >> moving on, we will have cheese pudding. >> nothing more exciting then that. >> these are from the chia pet seed. >> yes. >> they become little sprouts but if you do a pudding out of it with some almond milk and stuff like that, it expands, the seeds. >> you puttal monday milk and what else. >> a little bit of nectar, vanilla extract, you put it in the fridge for 30 minutes or overnight. >> what are the seeds supposed to do for you, is that supposed to help. >> fiber. all that fun stuff. >> you need some, try it. >> i'm kind of backup actually. >> it is sweet.
8:35 am
>> okay. >> consistentcy is weird. >> you don't like it, mike. >> it is all right. >> this looks like some packing material. >> this is raspberry crisp oatmeal bar. try it. super easy. >> you made it yourself. >> brown sugar, the recipe is on my web site. was bring preserves. >> super easy, not almonds, oats. >> yes. >> i love it. >> now that is good. >> you have to be careful baking it because it can get hard. >> i think this is great. >> stuff happens. >> make your breakfast fun. >> yes. >> i need recipe for this. >> really yummy. >> this is really good. >> that is what i was just
8:36 am
saying. >> i cut off edges because edges are really crisp. >> yes. >> i like the middle part. >> i hear you. >> yes. >> this is incredibly flavorful. >> yes. >> it is raspberry preserves. >> these are pretty good. >> you are a married woman aren't you. >> yes. >> what is his name. >> be careful, mike. >> he writes, horror stories. >> and sci-fi. >> really. >> yes. >> is he a scary guy. >> you met him plenty of timesy can only tell stories he tells around the campfire. >> and then there was an arm left on the door as we drove off, you ever hear that one. >> i don't like scary stories though. >> good to see you. >> thanks so much. >> i need to lie down. >> 8:36. more than what it seems, a toddler balances on a toilet seat but not a joke and not
8:37 am
something funny disturbing reason why that made her mom break down. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
8:38 am
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8:40 am
we will be fine. >> okay. >> well, one mother comes to a startling harsh realization after she snaps a photo of her daughter, and daughter is standing on a toilet. >> at first when you look you may think okay, she's just playing around balances on a toilet seat but the three-year old girl told her mom she was practicing how to hide in the bathroom stall inn case a shooter comes into her preschool. her mother said that she was stunned and now facing a disturbing reality her innocent daughter is prepping for an unimaginable event at a place where she should be safe. >> she was watching all of the coverage of the orlando shooting and this is what she took away from it. >> she posted on social media and wrote a plea to the public
8:41 am
about using more sense and it is up to us if we want to change. i want to know what new smart technology is being built for safer guns, advanced security in public places, databases, traveling care for the mentally ill, anything. entrepreneurs, innovators, are you there. >> apparently they are in the because yesterday in congress in washington d.c., you can still be otter or watch list and get semiautomatic weapons. >> four bills. >> both parties. >> yes. >> well, what will it take. >> yes. 8:41. have you ever heard of, give me your arm for a second. >> what are you doing. >> it is compression. >> it is compression. >> okay. >> what is this supposed to do for me beside weird me out. >> feel better. >> i don't feel better. >> i will show you how it is done with this big sleeve, that is a professional boxer right there. >> he is fit? i will tell you what the
8:42 am
pluses and minus are. >> do you know it is national selfie day. >> we want to see your best ones. >> look at that lighting. marcus, my wife and daughter and i. beautiful family. miguel says national selfie day getting out of bed and a mess. woke up like this. pamela says national selfie day g1 pamela. keep sending selfies. fox 29 good day. hello!
8:43 am
8:44 am
it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human.
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it is 8:45. sunnies shining there. the situation has been you have sunshine or heavy downpour or a thunderstorm. is there an isolated thunderstorm trying to move into lancaster county and then there is this one area of rain left over at jersey shore around north wildwood and stone harbor still raining there and is there your rain from pennsylvania to peach bottom, little bit of lancaster county included. now sunny in philadelphia will we have another heat wave by end of the day? will we make it to 90? it will be a close call because of the thunderstorms in the forecast, and that is more popping up later today.
8:46 am
mid 80's today, upper 80's tomorrow and breezy. showers, thunderstorm, another cold front on thursday. that takes away humidity for friday. friday and at day we are heating backup and back in the 90's by monday heading to the shore. we will have temperatures on the beach, 76 today, 77 tomorrow, and then into the 80's by thursday and friday. that is your seven day forecast, storm toy day, stormy tonight. >> stormy weather. >> yes. >> lena horne. >> look at that. >> the philadelphia a 2016 host committee for the convention announcing beautification efforts throughout the city for the dnc. it is focusing on north and south broad street, the city will work with various organizations to plant flowers, even paint the streets, you can see street colors. >> i like it. >> even light up city hall with patriotic decoration is hold on fish faces is this a
8:47 am
rendering or has that been painted. >> no, rendering. >> something to look out for mural that will stretch 14 city blocks on the ground. artists will paint it on ground covering. it is not there forever, but just during the dnc. >> that is at the end of july. >> you know, i have been complaining around the station. >> really. >> for a couple of years. >> really, no, you, complaining. >> that is just not appropriate alex. >> okay. >> so, my joints have been aching. >> um-hmm. >> there is this new company, it is cryo philadelphia. it is at 17th and sansom. >> um-hmm. >> they have that real cold therapy that i will show you in a little bit. i met a boxer over at this place that i opens up tomorrow 17th and samson, compression therapy. do you want to to learn bit
8:48 am
now. >> dit help you feel better. >> yes. >> lets go to the videotape. >> alex, check this out. what happened to this guy. look at that. >> how are you. >> you are an mma fighter. >> professional boxer. >> real boxer. >> yes. >> what are you doing to him. >> we are getting him prepped for his next fight. this is normantech, muscle compression therapy it is like a deep massage so it helps with circulation. isaiah throws a lot of punches, gets tight in the shoulders and this is what we are doing. >> what does it feels. >> it feels like someone squeezing you tight, compressing your arms, everything. >> why don't you just get a girl friend. >> i need one, don't you. >> dana is your girlfriend. >> and these pads on your arms. >> it starts at my wrist and works my way up to my forearm,
8:49 am
biceps and chest area and just squeezing. >> what is it doing. >> it is increasing his blood circulation so he can heel better. because he does so much working out on that part of his body, it helps him to recover faster to get back in that gym and throw some more jabs. >> how long will you senay there. >> thirty minutes today. >> this is how i do it. >> compression therapy. >> thirty minutes. >> i like that, dana. >> next hour look forward to to. >> was it comfortable. >> he said he felt fine. >> did you do it. >> no. >> i'll tell what you i did do, i got the in to etank naked. >> i don't know if i want to hear about that. >> nobody wants to see that. >> there is no video. >> is there video and we will show it next hour.
8:50 am
>> we won't show. >> takes the temperature down to 250 degrees below zero. >> um-hmm. >> jen did it and jen suggest i try it. >> your reaction. >> 250 degrees below zero. >> that is cold. >> shrinkage. >> at 8:50. it was some quick thinking by this guy you are to see as he waited at bush gardens. what was falling from above that he kept catching and his little daughter, called him a hero for doing it. that is a birthday selfie, love it. i love summer months. i agree. officially summer. thinks joey, talk taking a selfie. >> how is that possible. >> pretty amazing.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky,
8:54 am
telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. 8:54. getting readied for a burlington bristol bridge opening 9:05 is time to beat. getting ready to grab your coffee and keys keep that in mind. south on the northeast extension an accident south of lansdale between lansdale and mid county. here is your travel times still a half an hour south on i-95 out of the northeast. an accident at cottman avenue in the work zone. twenty-four minutes and some sunshine from the conshohocken curve into downtown and a accident northbound lanes of i-95 at route 452 in delco. mike and alex, back to you.
8:55 am
unaudible. >> myth beingy way in the control room wrapped us before we started. >> quite the site in bush gardens in florida. really good place to take the kid. baby ducks were falling out of the tree. >> what? >> yes. >> sky is falling. sky is falling. >> one by one about 30 feet above in the tree. man standing noticed and tried to catch them all. >> according to the man who took video he caught ten or 12 out of how many. >> i don't know. >> here's the thing i am not an animal expert, know nothing about ducks basically but people watching this show will know about duck links and ducks was this mother and father rejecting them, why were they falling out of the nest. >> maybe fun days of the nest wasn't as good as they thought it would be and i it fell apart because there is ten or 12 and they started to fall
8:56 am
out and broke apart. >> i say it is former. >> you think mother or father is throwing them down. >> maybe rejecting them. >> can we settle this debate, someone who knows about chickens. >> this is most alarming story of the day. >> they are not chickens. >> i was thinking of chicken little. >> is that chicken little. >> lets talk about this. is playing with disney princess like my granddaughter teddy does, listen to this, a warning from researchers that say it might be bad for the children. weirdest challenge of the year so far cheerios challenge how you one dad's decision to do that, not wake up a kid and stack cheerios on his nose while sleeping. now adults are doing it as well. lets do it today. let's have sue stack on bob's nose and i will stack on your nose. >> lovely. >> i googled it, it is chicken
8:57 am
little. >> yes. hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
national selfie day. i was just told by sue serio it is national giraffe day. >> world giraffe day. >> wow, world giraffe day. >> if you see a giraffe, take a selfie then you have a day. >> oh, yeah. >> for sure. >> just a little bit i will share with you guys, because mike says i take a lot of selfies. i don't take a lot. >> go to her instagram page, every single shot is of her.


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